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Teaching Bioscience - Enhancing Learning

These web pages provide supporting and additional material to the hardcopy versions of the Teaching Bioscience - Enhancing Learning series.

The series is intended to be an accessible introduction to good learning and teaching practice within the context of competing research and institutional pressures. The aim of each publication is to provide a persuasive overview of the pedagogic reasons for adopting a particular practice and support these reasons with sufficient practical guidance and information to turn ideas into reality. The guides combine a mix of theory with bioscience examples and case studies.

The guides are written to be useful to academics in their first year of lecturing, particularly those who are studying for Post Graduate Certificates in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, as well as to those with many years of teaching experience.

Guides in the Series

Front cover - Self- and Peer-Assessment   e-learning picture linked to e-learning guide page   Guide 3 front page
Self- and Peer-Assessment: Guidance on Practice in the Biosciences by Paul Orsmond   Effective Use of IT: Guidance on Practice in the Biosciences by Lorraine Stefani   Student Research Projects: Guidance on Practice in the Biosciences by Martin Luck

Supporting and Additional Material Overview

These web pages contain not only links to electronic versions of each guide but additional material around each topic. Depending on the guide these may include:

  • extended versions of the case studies
  • extra case studies
  • multimedia resources
  • selected articles
  • useful tools/resources
  • related event reports

For a particular topic extra resources can be accessed by double clicking 'additional materials' on the left hand menu under the relevant guide.