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Sustainability teaching resources

The resources and web links available on this page are divided up into three sections:

  1. resources identified through the survey of ESD in the biosciences
  2. ESD activity at other Subject Centres, the Higher Education Academy and CETL's
  3. web-based resources


The Centre for Bioscience conducted a survey into ESD within Higher Education Institutions during March 2005. The following web sites and resources were used by bioscience teaching staff as sources of information, views and data relating to sustainability;


The Higher Education Academy ESD project webpages bring together ESD information, reports and project outcomes across the disciplines, including the two guides " Current practice and future developments guides for sustainable development", one is intended for Senior managers in higher education and the other for employers, unions and the professions. Many of the Subject Centres are participating in ESD projects and research and links to their ESD pages are available through the Higher Education Academy ESD pages.

Three of the CETLs (Centres for Excellence in Teaching and Learning) focus on various aspects of ESD:

  • CSF: Centre for Sustainable Futures at the University of Plymouth
  • C-SCAIPE: Centre for Sustainable Communities Achieved through Integrated Professional Education, based at the University of Kingston
  • CRUCiBLE: Centre for Rights Understanding and Citizenship Based on Learning through Experience, based at the University of Roehampton


The following resources and web sites may also be of use:


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