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Bioscience Representatives

This section of our website contains information for Representatives (Reps) and those interested in the roles and activities of a Rep.

This year's Reps' Forum will take place on 6th &7th September 2011 in Birmingham.

Bioscience Reps' Fund

The Centre is pleased to announce the funding of two projects which have been selected to enable the development by Bioscience Reps on a range of tangible support for the wider bioscience learning and teaching community, and hence, student learning in the biosciences. The funded projects were The development of an e-mentoring scheme for bioscience staff whose primary focus is teaching and scholarship and Networking Events Designed to Encourage Participation of PhD Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows with the UK Centre for Bioscience, and Promote Engagement and Innovation in Teaching & Learning Development.

Who are the Centre's Reps across the UK?

View the current list of Bioscience Representatives and Schools and Departments where we have a Rep

What is a Bioscience Representative's role?

Bioscience Representatives are members of the bioscience Higher Education community who have agreed to act as a contact point and a representative for their department or school with the Centre for Bioscience. As part of their role Reps:

  • Let us know what is important to them and their colleagues in learning and teaching
  • Encourage their colleagues to interact with the Centre
  • Disseminate information about Centre activities, such as events and funding

Download the Reps briefing from October 2007 with a full description of the role of a Rep

What is a Bioscience Representative's Role? A Rep's view

Photo of Anne Tierney

Anne Tierney, Rep for the Faculty of Biomedical and Life Sciences at Glasgow University.

“Being a rep involves some work, but it’s not too much, and it is enjoyable. It has given me the opportunity to meet like minded people who care about students and teaching development.”

Read more about Anne's experience of being a Rep

Damian Parry, Health and Applied Social Sciences at Liverpool Hope University

“I whole heartedly recommend taking up the role as Bioscience Rep, the benefits are significant; both in terms of practical support in Learning and Teaching and in Personal and Professional development, whilst the role is far from difficult with great support from the dedicated staff at the Centre!”

Read more about Damian's experience of being a Rep


The Reps' Forum

The Forum is an annual opportunity for all Reps to meet, hear about developments in and discuss learning and teaching in an informal setting. The Forum is held over two days, with plenty of opportunities to meet and network with like-minded colleagues.

Find out more about Reps' forum

2010 Reps Forum, Cardiff University, Tuesday 14th September - Wednesday 15th September

Reps' forum 2009, Thursday 10th - Friday 11th September, was held at the University of Birmingham.

Photo of Forum dinner

Keeping Reps up-to-date with Centre activities

We aim to keep Reps up-to-date through a variety of means:

  • Regular e-mail updates (approximately every 6 weeks) - these are intended to keep Reps and contacts informed and for Reps to send to colleagues who are not Centre contacts
  • Bioscience Bulletin (the Centre newsletter) - Spring, Summer and Autumn editions with additional copies to distribute to colleagues
  • Periodic mailings - with information about our activities and material to disseminate to colleagues

Copies of the publicity material sent to Reps are available to download or order from the Centre.