Protein Purification - New Windows Version

An early evaluation copy

A.G. Booth

Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

University of Leeds

This is an evaluation copy of the new version of the software. Please do not use it with students yet. In response to many requests, I have replaced chromatofocusing with affinity chromatography. For immobilsed ligands there is a choice of three monoclonal antibodies, a polyclonal IgG mixture and, in some cases, a competitive inhibitor. The monoclonals differ in their affinities for the selected protein. The low-affinity one doesn't retain the protein. The high-affinity one will not release the bound protein (infinity chromatography) . The medium-affinity one works well if you can work out which it is (it's different for each protein!). The polyclonal acts like a mixture of the medium and high affinity monoclonals. The elution methods involve differing losses.

The Info buttons don't work yet - I'm going to use the Windows Help system for them. I haven't rewritten the gel electrophoresis yet, so use the old ELECTRO.EXE for the time being. (Yes, I know about the lack of spots when you do 2D-gels with a hi-res screen driver). Try out this version and let me know what you think.

You will need the following file:

PROTLAB.EXE - is the main program (uncompressed)

Make sure that your software is correctly configured to download to disk and then click on the filename.

protlab.exe (169344 bytes)

Any problems with the software or with downloading - email

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