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Website Accessibility

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Policy and standards

The Centre for Bioscience is committed to making this website user-friendly and accessible to all. We take steps to ensure our website conforms to web best practice guidelines and standards, such as the guidelines provided by the web accessibility initiative of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


This website has been designed to work with a range of web browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Opera, Safari and Lynx. Users can access all parts of the website whether they are using a screen reader or a text browser.


The website is split into six distinct sections and is hopefully intuitive to navigate. We have also provided a site map and resources A-Z facility to help you access the information you are looking for.


The site uses style sheets to control font colours and sizes. You can override the standard settings through your web browser preferences. The settings vary from browser to browser.

Text size

Most browsers will allow you to alter the text size of this site. Internet Explorer and Firefox, for instance, allow you to change text size using the 'Text size' option under 'view' in the file menu.